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Why Sell Your Home For Cash?

There are many reasons you might want to get a CASH offer for your home now.

Bad Luck with Buyers

Maybe your home has been listed through a realtor for a while, and you’ve met with nothing but frustration. There was the buyer who couldn’t get financing, the buyer who wouldn’t buy unless you replaced the working furnace simply because it was older, the buyer who made an offer but then backed out. You’ve seen the sale fall through time and time again, and despite your realtor’s attempts to reassure you, you’re fed up and you just want it gone now and the cash in your hands!

Foreclosure/Short Sale

Whether it’s from job loss, a health crisis, a death in the family, or any other reason, there are few things more upsetting than not being able to make your mortgage payment. Your lender is harassing you daily with threatening calls and letters, even though you’ve explained your situation. Taking a cash offer for your house gives you the freedom to relocate quickly to a more affordable place and end the stress!

Divorce or Probate Sale

Legal issues like a divorce or probate situation can mean that a home needs to be liquidated into cash so that the proceeds can be divided. Selling your home for cash is one of the fastest and easiest ways to expedite that process. Everybody gets their percentage of the sale and moves on – no more lawyers, no more meetings!

Fixer Home

“Fixer” homes, those that require major repairs, are some of the most difficult to sell. Whether your home is suffering the effects of a fire or a flood, has mold issues, foundation issues, or needs a big fix like a new roof that’s simply not in your budget, taking a cash offer can be the perfect way out. No need to worry if you don’t know all the things that are wrong with your home – unlike private buyers, when you sell your home for cash, we accept it as-is.

Expired Listing

You tried to sell your house the traditional way, but the offers just didn’t come in despite your realtor’s efforts. Now you really need to sell. Selling your home for cash is a sure thing!

No Time to Prepare Home for Sale

This is often the case when an elderly relative passes on and leaves behind a home that is full to the brim with every magazine they ever received, and hasn’t been updated since 1972. You don’t have the time to clean and paint, and paying someone else to do that costs more than the home is worth. A cash offer allows you to walk away without lifting a finger!

Avoid That Lawsuit

If your home has some issues, you may be encouraged to take steps to cover them up in order to get a higher offer for your home. But that profit will disappear quickly when you have to hire an attorney to defend you after your buyer discovers the water stains behind the paneling in the basement and sues! Selling your house for cash means selling your house completely as-is, problems and all.

Tenant Damaged the Home

Every landlord’s worst nightmare: The tenant who trashes your rental home, leaving holes in the wall, stains everywhere, pet urine, broken fixtures – and has no money to pay for the damage he or she caused. This is a great time to get a cash offer and walk away from the property and the hassles involved in renting it out!


Maybe you just don’t want every nosy neighbor coming to your open house -especially if the reason for the sale is an upsetting personal one, like a divorce or bankruptcy. Maybe you’d like to avoid everybody talking about the “For Sale” sign in your yard. When you sell your home for cash, there is nothing posted on the home to let anyone know a sale is in progress. By the time they know your home is up for sale, it will be sold and you’ll be gone – cash in hand!

Code Violations

Homes that have code violations can be impossible to sell without going through the laborious and time consuming process of getting them into compliance. Maybe you built on and added a sun room or a pool house without getting the right permit. Or you had a contractor with great prices install a new water heater, but he forgot that required a permit, too. Selling your home to one of our investors relieves you of the duty to fix the violation before sale, and saves time and money.

Location Issues

Maybe your home was in a great neighborhood when you bought it twenty years ago, but things have changed. Or maybe you didn’t mind living in that “edgy” neighborhood when it was just you two, but now you have children and safety and good schools have become your priorities. How do you get out, when no one else seems to want to live there either? Get a cash offer and move on to the neighborhood of your dreams

You Just Need to Sell Now

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to sell on an urgent basis. A job offer out of state or out of the country, another urgent debt that must be paid with the proceeds from the sale, personal or family health issues that make it impossible for you to deal with realtors and open houses. Whatever your reasons, we can get you a cash offer within 24 hours and close in as little as 7 days. No more waiting!

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