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Who are you and how can you afford to buy ANY house?

We are a team of real estate professionals who connect home owners to cash buyers – investors who make their living buying, fixing up and reselling homes.

How can you make an offer within 24 hours?
Don’t you need to have the home inspected?

When you buy as many homes as we do, you develop the ability to quickly estimate a home’s value. You won’t need to open up your home for multiple visits and intrusive inspections.

Do you buy mobile homes?

Yes! We buy traditional homes, mobile homes, condominiums and even bare land. If it’s residential real estate, we are interested in buying.

Do you buy homes in high crime areas?

Yes! We have buyers for all kinds of homes. Many of our investors purchase properties to use as rentals, so it is irrelevant to them if an area isn’t selling well because of crime or other issues – all areas have a demand for rental homes.

Do you buy flood or fire damaged homes?

Yes, we do, and our service is one of the best ways to get a home like that sold without any worries about future litigation from the buyer. Private buyers may get enthusiastic about a great deal but then decide the home is worse than you represented when they discover how much it will cost them to fix. You can avoid all of that by selling to an experienced investor.

I can’t afford to do the repairs on my home and still make a profit, so how can anyone else?

Volume discounts! Contractors and suppliers are much more willing to make a deal when they know an investor will be bringing them forty projects this month, not just one. As an individual home owner, you pay the highest rates on the market. Investors don’t.

My grandfather passed away, and the house he left behind is full of junk and so is the yard. I don’t have time to clean it up, and all the quotes I got to have someone else do it were outrageous! You’ll really buy it as is, with all that stuff?

We will! Again, we get volume discounts from service providers because we use them so much. We can get grandpa’s house cleaned much more affordably than you can. Sell to us and leave the mess for us.

Won’t I make more money selling my house traditionally, with a realtor?

That depends. How many mortgage payments will you make while you’re waiting for it to sell? How much will you spend painting and repairing the home or bringing it into compliance with all building codes? If you’re currently unable to make your mortgage payments, how much damage is being done to your credit while you wait? If you’ve already got a job somewhere else, will you have to pay both your mortgage and rent? How much will you lose to commissions and fees if you sell traditionally? There are a lot of potential factors that might make taking a cash offer the smartest move in your current situation.
Remember – if you do decide selling via a realtor is right for you, we also have a network of preferred realtors ready to assist you! The choice is entirely up to you, and we can help you no matter which option you choose.

Can you really close in as little as 7 days? How is that possible?

Most of the things that hold up closing have to do with financing. When there is cash on the table, and no banks involved, that changes everything. Not only can we close much more quickly than selling your home the traditional way, but you pay no closing costs. You will be walking away with the cash from your home before you know it!

What if I don’t live in the same state as the property I need to sell?

No problem – we can handle everything for you remotely, via phone and e-mail. We can even overnight closing paperwork to you and ensure that selling this home doesn’t interfere with your life in any way.

Which states do you do business in?

All of them! We are interested in buying properties in all 50 states.

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